Government Offices

Town Hall
59 S Somonauk Road
PO Box 519
Cortland IL, 60112
(815) 756-9041 Administration Office
(815) 756-3030 Clerk's Office
(815) 756-4583 Fax

Town Hall is the central location for Town Board, Commission and Committee meetings. The Administration and Clerk's Offices are also housed in this building. Building hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm or as posted. A slot on the front of the building is available for delivering correspondence and bill payments after-hours.

Town Garage
250 S Halwood St
PO Box 519
Cortland, IL 60112
(815) 756-6469

The Public Works Department has offices located in the facility along with the Police Department.

Police Department
250 S Halwood St.
PO Box 519
Cortland, IL 60112
(815) 756-2558 Non-Emergency
9-1-1 Emergency

The Cortland Police Department has offices located in the facility along with Public Works. Phone calls to the non-emergency number are automatically transferred to the Sheriff's Department if there is no answer.

Water & Wastewater Department
100 South Llanos Street
PO Box 519
Cortland, IL 60112
(815) 756-9684 Water / Wastewater

The Water & Wastewater Department work out of the facility on Llanos Street. Please direct questions regarding water / sewer billing to this phone number.