Water Department Facility

Water and Wastewater

Location: 100 S. Llanos St.
Emergency: 815-756-1910


  Please do not use the emergency number for billing inquiries, account changes, etc.


  Joel Summerhill

  Email: water-sewer@cortlandil.org


  Operator/General Maintenance:

  Jeff Lemke

  Tom Pitstick

  Thomas Boubin


  Utility Billing

  Email:  townclerk@cortlandil.org



Disinfectant Wipes - "Flushable" Wipes - Don't do it!  Please place any type of wipe you may be using in the garbage.  These wipes clog the sewer lines and the sewer pumps.  By flushing these wipes backups happen which have the potential to affect your neighbors.