Engineering, Zoning & Building



The Town of Cortland requires a permit for most construction projects.  See below for examples of when a permit is needed or not needed.

At this time, the Town does not require contractors to register.

The Town does not issue over the counter building permits.  Permits are reviewed in the order in which they are received.

Permit applications can be submitted:

  • In Person or Drop Box: 59 S Somonauk Rd, Cortland, IL 60112
  • Email: Permit Clerk (pdf only) (hard copies may also need to be mailed)
  • Mail: PO Box 519, Cortland, IL 60112-0519



For land use and development questions, contact the Zoning Administrator.  Zoning permits are required for seasonal or temporary home businesses, temporary use of a recreational vehicle as a dwelling, any new businesses, or other changes of use of any property.



Questions regarding engineering, contact the Town's Engineer.


State Law requires you to contact JULIE before you start any digging project. Call 8 1 1 or 800-892-0123 or visit