Town Clerk
Cheryl "Cookie" Aldis, Town Clerk

Office of the Clerk

The Office of the Clerk maintains accurate files of minutes and other official records. The office is also responsible for issuing certain permits and completing requests for public records. Residents may pay their water/sewer bill at the Town Hall. The Clerk's Office is located in the Town Hall, 59 South Somonauk Road, Cortland, IL 60112.

Cheryl "Cookie" Aldis was elected April 2021. The term expires April 2025. She serves as a member of the International Institute of Municipal Clerks, the Municipal Clerks of Illinois and the Northwestern Illinois Municipal Clerks Association. She has attained the State designation of Registered Municipal Clerk (RMC) as well as the International designation of Master Municipal Clerk (MMC).

Mission Statement

The Office of the Clerk serves the Town of Cortland and its citizens by collaborating and communicating information; dedicating the office to preserving the accurate accounting of town events, and helping to facilitate the development of programs advocating for a better tomorrow.